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The right landing page is not ranking

I have been trying to rank the right landing page for some specific keywords. But the page struggles to rank for the specific keywords. They are only ranking for the home page. The landing page is ...
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Why won't Google show two pages from my site in the search results for the same keyword?

I have created two pages on my site for a one keyword. These pages have unique content. But their keyword is the same. But in Google search results, the new page replaces the previous page. Why don't ...
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Many pages with almost the same content but different in some area name keywords [duplicate]

If I run a car fixing business which I can offers services to every part of USA. Then If I create 1000-1500 pages (or maybe higher than this) which each page has almost the same content but only the ...
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How does google handle pages with similar/same content but with a different context?

Let's say we have XY HTML pages, where some of content is shared. Example page 1. Url: Title: Best rated food in Italy <h1>Best rated food in Italy</h1&...
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Does Google Search Console tell me the keyword that makes my page show up in the search results?

This tab shows what pages in my site show up in Google Search. Can I know what keywords that are used?
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Expand Behavior's Grouped pages in Google Analytics

Google Analytics groups multiple pages together under the Behavior section making it difficult to trace a user's flow from page to page. For instance, at the bottom of Behavior Flow, there's usually ...
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