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Questions tagged [oscommerce]

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0 votes
0 answers

Cannot change database from configure.php in osCommerce

​ I tried both includes/configure.php, and admin/includes/configure.php, neither contains data about the real database. these are the data in the admin/includes/configure.php: defined('...
2 votes
2 answers

Installing osCommerce on CentOS

I want host my web site using osCommerce on CentOS, we have our own server at our office on that we have install CentOS 5.5 with LAMP. We want to host a web site using our live IP address using ...
2 votes
1 answer

CVV Code For using osCommerce

Hi I need to add a CVV code for verifying credit cards upon check out on my osCommerece shopping cart. I think this will involve a code for the php and the checkout processing php but ...
7 votes
3 answers

How to fix a site that Google tells you is infected

I work for a company that setup a website, this one (warning this site contains malware so don't go there if you are concerned), before I started working for them. The site uses ...