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Does django-oauth-toolkit handle pkce with oath2?

I am trying to implement oauth2 to my django app. I tried to use django-oauth-toolkit. I think their documentation is outdated and could not find any mention of pkce. Also, I could not find any ...
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Can DHIS2 provision users in advance and then have them log in using OAuth2?

We are looking at using DHIS2 as the data mart/dashboard backend for an application we are built. Its great that it has OAuth2 built in which makes it easy for us to allow SSO for a user. However is ...
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Automatic reauthenticate at oauth2 endpoint

I am currently (ab)using an oauth2 endpoint of an API to enable users of the API to log in to my site (using response_type=code). I do not save refresh tokens or even access_token as that oauth2 ...
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