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Can I be notified when Google indexes a web page (either mine or a competitor's)?

Is there a way to be notified by Google (or someone else) when Google indexes a new page on a website? I have a few websites that I want to keep track of and be notified when they add new products ...
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Would a "this site uses cookies" notice be sufficient under the GDPR for cookies from other domains

I'm using a third-party analytics tool that sets a cookie to track the user for analytics purposes (for tracking conversions) as soon as the user hits the page. The analytics service does not store ...
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How can I stop Google Search Console "index coverage" emails for the HTTP site now that I have migrated to HTTPS?

We have migrated our site to HTTPS from HTTP, so added HTTPS site in Google search console. But didn't remove HTTP site. We are receiving notifications continuously for HTTP site for index coverage ...
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Can web push be implemented, with only having control of a subdirectory of the domain? [closed]

Our website is part of a bigger enterprise website and is located in a directory, eg.: We would like to implement web push notifications, using one of the many available software ...
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Is web push notifications worth it? [closed]

I have seen an increasing amount of websites using web push notifications. If you are not familiar with it, you accept notifications like this: And then receive a notification like this: My ...
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Can I set up alerts for when a CDN is down?

My client use a CDN on their website. Sometimes the CDN is not properly working and images aren't loading. Can I automatically get a notification whenever the CDN is not working properly? The client ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to get a notification whenever a user creates a MediaWiki account?

I'm an administrator and bureaucrat on a few wikis. One wiki allows users to create their own account without approval. Spammers are taking advantage of it and spamming in their profiles. I checked ...
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Web Notification Design [closed]

I am designing a website which my web user would interact on the site. Take FB poke function for example. There are two men A and B and they are both online. And A poked B. What I want to know is ...
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Should notification messages be embedded in html or separate using jQuery?

I was originally thinking I could make a notification bar using jQuery. The downside is if someone has javascript disabled, they would never see the message. The upside is that the messages wouldn't ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Are there any other ways to notify users besides sending them an email?

I have a forum that sends users an email whenever someone replies to a topic that they posted. However, given how some of my users don't check email that often, and I was wondering if there was ...
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Drupal: Notify admin when comments posted on blog

I couldn't find a thread already clearly addressing this. I have a small personal website, basically a blogfolio. I'd like to allow anonymous commenting so ppl can provide feedback as I don't expect ...
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3 answers

Is there any website/service that notifies you when a site has changed?

Is there any website that offers a service that notifies you by email when a given site changes? I want to track changes on the site I'm not sure if this is the right place to ...
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2 answers

Looking for the name of a top bar notification provider

Not long ago I saw a website that had a top notification bar that was provided by a third party, customizable and all by I can't for the life of me remember what those guys were called. I'm looking ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Should I tell visitors that their browser is out-of-date?

I have seen many sites like that provide small bits of JavaScript & CSS to implement in a page that inform a user through a yellow bar at the top of the page that their browser ...
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11 answers

How to add SMS text messaging functionality to my website?

I want to add the ability to send reminders to people via email and SMS for specific events that they have signed up for on a web application that I am building. The email part is not difficult, but ...
21 votes
5 answers

Services to monitor and report if a web site goes down? [closed]

Are there any services that will monitor a web site and report if it goes down, or experiences unreasonable response time? Which are reputable and recommended? How does the service notify you when ...
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