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Does the re-use of HTML email newsletter content for blog posts have SEO (or other) repercusions?

I am (in parallel) building both a newsletter subscriber list (using Mailchimp) and also a blog website (using Wordpress). I want to be as efficient as possible with the use of my content / copy. I ...
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Why does sending a newsletter require a third party?

I'm wondering why there are so many newsletter services versus self hosted softwares. Even the self hosted solutions either require a third party (Sendy requires Amazon) or come at an extra cost (my ...
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Newsletter opens dropped by half [duplicate]

Two weeks ago (11/30/17) our email opens dropped by about 40%. We are an extremely small, niche, nonprofit religious site. Our newsletters titles have not changed and are not particular spammy ("...
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Google Inbox glanceable newsletters mailchimp Unfortunately we are not able to show any highlights

We are using mailchimp and have a custom template for our newsletters, which is pretty basic. Everything is working okay except for the way it appears in the highlights glanceable newsletters preview ...
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Spamassasin reports HTML_FONT_TINY with huge penalty, what is it?

Update The authors of the plugin suggested that it is a false positive. I am using MailPoet in a Wordpress installation to send newsletters. In an effort to validate the chances a newsletter has ...
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Will changing my newsletter's from email address to another on the same domain affect deliverability?

I have a fairly large newsletter that goes out daily. I setup the newsletter originally to send from (an inbox I actively use); it has been sending from that email for almost two years ...
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When to use an external e-mail service? (MailChimp, MailGun etc)

Noob alert. I've been reading about the big deal that sending massive campaigns is, in terms of not getting banned, warming up IP's and so on. The thing is that I have a site that deals with a few ...
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Send bulk mail to around 14,000 users with Godaddy web hosting

I have a Linux starter web hosting plan with Godaddy. I need to send email to around 14000 users from the MySql database only once to inform them about the site's new functionality. Can I do this ...
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Can Google Analytics be used to track email campaigns and purchases from those users?

We distribute emails to customers about new upcoming courses. We would like to track how many users arrived on our web application from the emails and ordered a course. Would Google Analytics help us ...
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Is possible to disable a link after some time in a newsletter?

I work in a company where we sent many offer newsletters a week. When the offer time has passed we replace some of the images of the newsletter so that it is clear the offer has ended. Lets say that ...
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How long to Retain Newsletter Images?

We are sending out some 50 variants of newsletters everyday to customers and all the images used are stored on AWS infrastructure. Since we pay for every kilobyte stored on AWS, we want to delete the ...
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Allow access to WordPress site only by links in email newsletters

I send out a personal email newsletter, and have been looking into sending it via some service like MailChimp, or Many of these email services suggest, or require, the email newsletter ...
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Can i link to other websites in my newsletter?

I'm intrested in adding several intresting articles on my newsletter from other websites. Am i allowed to do that in general or every website has it's own rules?
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Put up an email signup on a website [closed]

I want to set up an email newsletter for my site and want to have a subscribe box on the website. What is the best free listserver host for someone sending weekly newsletter to a few hundred people?
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When email newsletters include Base64 encoded images, do email clients see them immediately?

When I send a newsletter with remote URLs most email clients will ask the user if he wants to load remote resources inside the message. If I send an email using images with Base64 encoded strings as ...
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Newsletter Signup and VCF Files

Recently I signed up for a newsletter and when the confirmation came in my e-mail I noticed it had this in the bottom corner: (I have wiped out the website name.) After looking into it I realized ...
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Free customizable rss feed newsletter service [closed]

I'm desperately searching for a newsletter system for my association. We have a site from which to fetch the news and I want them to be sent regularly to the people who subscribe. I would like to get ...
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What's causing warnings when clicking a link in a newsletter/email message?

I've created a html email newsletter (sending it through campaign monitor) and some of my receivers complain that they get a warning when they're clicking on links in my email. Warning this web ...
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Ideas for newsletter content for a graphic/web company?

We've just launched our new website and we're looking to include a newsletter that will be sent out once a quarter. We're struggling a bit for ideas on what to include in the newsletter. There's the ...
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