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Would Google think a hidden "skip to content" link is deceptive?

When I tested my website in the past with powermapper tools, It suggested I should add a "skip to content" link hidden off-screen to help people with screen readers use the website. I can completely ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Link goes to specific location of page

What makes the user go to a specific location on a new html page? Not the current page. For example, when you click this link, you don't end up starting at the top like you normally would. http://...
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2 answers

Do anchors in urls affect ranking in seo?

Do anchors in urls affect ranking in seo? <a href="">link 1</a> As oposed to: <a href="">link 2</a>
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Strange named anchor behavior - only working with the hash mark after a trailing slash

I have an odd problem. Links to named anchors on a site I'm working on are only working correctly if the pound/hash sign is placed after a trailing slash (e.g., rather than ...
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