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Moz DA spam hack - how it works?

I've seen couple websites that has High DA (50+) but when I analyze them on ahrefs it shows LOW DR and some links form google redirects from all domain extensions that belong to google. I do ...
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Do domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) rates and spam score contribute to SEO?

Do DA and PA ratios contribute to SEO? And if the spam score increases at these rates, will it cause any harm to my website?
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Why would Google indexing improve without corresponding improvements in Moz domain authority?

My website started to be indexed immediately (faster than previously) after any type of content updates in the last 2 weeks. I interpret this as a rise in its domain authority (DA). However MOZ's DA ...
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How is this happening with DA and PA?

I have had this website online for over a year now and the DA is 1 and the PA is 1 (link for reference) The one below has a DA of 3 and PA of 5 and has only been online ...
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Google Disavow Links is not effecting my Moz spam percentage score

I am trying to use the Google Disavow Links tool to get my Moz spam score from 2% to 0%. I have submitted the following .txt file with my Disavow links: # Domains to disavow domain:ec2-23-21-201-178....
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