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How to use wordpress website for generating passive income? [closed]

I started a wordpress website a few days ago but now I dont have much time to update it regularly. My hosting plan is multi-domain plan with unlimited webspace from Hostgator. I would like to use it ...
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What are the making money option available if the Adsense, Affiliate Marketing not working because of country culture? [closed]

I have a Sinhala(Main language of Sri lankan) technology blog with around 15,000 page views ( around 9,000 users) per month. Even though it is not very high I believe that I should earn at least 50$ ...
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Popular blog not making money? [closed]

I am running a popular blog magazine over 8 years, has great traffic about 500,000 impressions and 20,000 clicks monthly. The only source of revenue I use is Adsense but it is not even bringing $100. ...
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Are multiple pop-under advertisements from different ad networks possible to use on a single site?

I was wondering is it possible to place multiple pop-under adverts on the same website? I am currently using Popcash for a single popunder which works fine and pays a small amount per day but i ...
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Can media corportation take away my domain name? [duplicate]

Recently i've noticed that there is actually free cool domain name, let's say '`. Buy this domain is my dream and for some money (not so small well) i can buy this domain. And i will ...
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Calculating payment: what kind of rounding should be used?

There are several different methods of rounding. When developing a website that requires calculating a payment, between promotional codes, sales tax, credit card processing fees, it's possible end up ...
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Is Google App Engine secure enough for financial applications?

I am wondering whether Google App Engine is secure enough for financial applications? This would involve storing sensitive information, access to users' funds, etc. Are there any applications like ...
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How do convert prices on my page between currencies?

I have a website which sells Hotels in UK and USA to Clients in Germany. I am looking for a way to automatically convert US$ and UK£ automatically in EURO. I managed to do this through http://...
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Automated outgoing money transfer for payouts?

At the end of a month I'll need to automatically transfer money from an account to a huge number of other accounts. This has to happen automatically through an API because the amounts for the ...
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Alternative to Google Adsense which has good international coverage

I have a technical blog (programming related) which has around 500 visit per days, 70% are international visitors and 30% are from US/CA. Google Adsense disabled my account due to invalid clicks so I ...
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PayPal - Account management [closed]

I'm running an app that gets small donations (Micro payments up to ~11 USD) and also I'm doing some freelancing where I get some higher payments over PayPal too. (~900 USD a month) Is it possible to ...
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Money in keywords?

Is it a good idea to put money in keywords e.g. 'Name of Item from £30' Will google not register the pound sign therefore registering 'Name of item from 30' which could be anything
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Can I be charged for letting a domain expire?

A few months ago I let a domain expire that I no longer wanted. I just received a bill from a collections agency saying that I owe about $100 because although I let the domain expire, it's necessary ...
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Two way payment options for UK customer based website?

I want customers to be able to pay us through our website but I also want us to be able to pay customers using the same payment method. I also want the payment processes to be simple (as possible!) ...
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Is it worth spending money on SEO consulting and services? [closed]

Assuming one wants to launch a website with good reviews from beta-testers-users, is it worth spending money on Search Engine Optimization consulting/specialists or does a hacker with good IT skills ...
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