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Prevent crawling of mobile site will impact the actual's site ranking or indexing?

We have a responsive mobile-first indexing site in place. Unfortunately, the - mobile version is also there and it ranks for certain keywords. We don't want to have such a separate m....
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Page not "mobile friendly" because style sheets won't load properly, what can I do?

I've just tested my website against google's mobile friendliness tester tool, and it shows that the page is not mobile friendly. That's because in that tester tool, the CSS files are not loading, and ...
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Do we have an "m-dot" site?

Attempting to follow Mobile First Indexing Dynamic Serving / Separate URLs I currently work for a company that dynamically serves content based on the user agent. However, it is not divided by ...
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Page not mobile friendly but sometimes google says it is mobile friendly [closed]

When I test my site's url using Google Mobile Friendly test tool, sometimes it says Mobile Friendly, but sometimes it says not mobile friendly (Content wider than screen, and Clickable elements too ...
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JSON-LD script is showing on Google Structured Data Testing tool and page source but not in Mobile Friendly Test

We have an Angular Universal application which has dynamically loading JSON-LD script tags. These script tags are showing in the page source. We've tested the same using the Structured Data Testing ...
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Content hidden on mobile responsive design

As much as this should have been a well-covered issue, I couldn't find a definite answer to this specific question anywhere. We run a scientific website which displays lots of well-established data ...
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Google de-indexing our desktop site after we launched a separate mobile site with fewer pages

Recently, we launched separate URL site for mobile users. That was a mistake because we don't have corresponding pages on mobile for every page on the desktop version. We have fewer ...
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