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Questions tagged [meta-robots]

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Should Feed/RSS Be Blocked from Robots.txt?

Should Feed/RSS be blocked via robots.txt? Disallow: /*feed* Disallow: /*rss* If yes, is this the correct way to apply? If you are sending Feed/RSS somewhere or if you have a subscription system, of ...
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Can you specify the max-snippet length in a X-robots-tag header?

The specs by Google does not address this issue. So, I would like to know what is the x-robots-tag equivalent for: <meta name="googlebot" content="max-snippet:20"/> Is it ...
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can i deeplink my product pages which are not allowed to be crawled by robots

I have a set of pages which i have blocked by the robots and i don't want them to appear in search results. But if i am targetting users on this page via email/ad campaigns i want a possibility of ...
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