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2 answers

Memcache alternative for cpanel hosting

Memcache is the best caching API for php, but it is not available on most of the hosting providers. Are there any alternatives to memcache which are available for most hosting providers(e.g. Godaddy)?
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What happens when Memcached memory fills up?

Hi I have a website running on Drupal and aws ec2 and rds. So I installed memcached on this server and it's working. However I checked the statistics and found the cache is almost full and about ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to determine if APCu is overall lighter than Memcached in a usecase?

I would say that my personal website is at least currently a "small" website. It is a MediaWiki-based all-core website without images at all and of about 750 webpages of generally no more ...
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alternative to memcached

I'm asking this to benefit others. I was reading and noticed that memcached (a back-end for webservers that helps users produce speedier websites) has flaws to the point where ...
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Removing Memcache and Memcached from a Centos server

A while back I started looking into caching, (I think) I mistakenly installed both Memcache and Memcached. If I cd / then I have both: memcache/memcache-3.0.6 memcached/memcached-1.4.10 How should ...
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