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How to measure the number of direct clicks to a file in Google Analytics?

Say I have a file in my website: Is there a way to track how many people clicking on the link, similarly how regular links are tracked? The article Additional kinds of ...
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Measure and Track Value of Website(s) Improvements

is there any way to track and measure a website's value over time? Here is what I mean (btw, very green at this, so no judgement, but constructive criticism is appreciated) We have several websites ...
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What are best practices for measuring SEO success using the marketing funnel? [closed]

I am new to corporate marketing measurements but not new to SEO. My company is asking for me to use the marketing funnel - something like
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Measuring before and after on-page optimization

I'm new with SEO. I want to start with on-page optimization as it is quick and easy to implement. I will start with HTML structures such as <title>, meta, headers, etc. and then set up robots....
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How do you prove your traffic to potential advertisers?

Potential advertisers always ask me how much traffic my website has, the number of unique visitors, etc. I have all these stats but I would like more transparency (otherwise how do they know I haven't ...
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Google Chrome developer tools metric units

I would like to know if there is a way to change default "px" unit after you hover an element in dev tools, into em, percent, in, pt, pc. Most important for me would be possibility to see em values of ...
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What does the Google Analytics Average Time on Site calculate?

When my Google Analytics account shows 10 minutes for time spent on site, what does this mean? Does it mean the visitors have opened one page and left it idling in a tab while (possibly) browsing in ...
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Track page size of web app for performance

I'm about to start trialling optimisations on my web application (apache & tomcat). My main interest right now is: The total page size (including external js files such as jquery) The number of ...
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Browser plugin for measuring PDF

Is there a browser plugin that can allow a user to measure objects on a PDF in the browser window? It needs to be cross-browser.
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Measuring site load times after user is logged in?

How can I test my site "as if" users have logged in and then accessing different parts of the website? I saw Is there a good way to measure my site's response time from different parts of the ...
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Is there a good way to measure my site's response time from different parts of the world? [closed]

I would like to measure how fast my site loads from different locations around the world. What is the best way to do this?
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