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Matomo is an open source web analytics system that runs on a PHP/MySQL webserver.

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How get download stats in Matomo analytics for static content that's served by my CDN (Cloudflare)?

I'm considering enabling Cloudflare for my site, which will make it so that static content is loaded from their servers instead of mine. If that's the case, how can I tally the request in our ...
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Filter Piwik widget to only show data for current page

I am embedding a Piwik widget into my page so that when the widget is opened the end user can see page views for the specific page. The issue I am having is that the widget shows analytics data from ...
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Big difference between Google Analytics and Piwik

I have notice my Piwik visitors drop recently so I looked on Analytics which is my backup statistics and noticed that it is counting a lot more visitors than Piwik. Yesterday Piwik registered 5 ...
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