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Country-specific pages same domain or subdomains?

On our website, we list businesses such as restaurants. So there are restaurants in USA and say, Mexico. The restaurants in Mexico could be American chains as well. So what's the best way to handle ...
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How to test website in different countries / languages?

So after much effort and pain (I'm an iOS developer, not a web developer), I have my website ( set up to support 16 different languages/countries (thanks - I ...
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Should the locale en_US be used if targeting a global market?

When authoring site meta data, if targeting an international market of English-speakers, is it better to use the common en_US, or simply en, or is there some locale code for specifying that the region ...
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Indexing for multilanguage site

I have two language on my site and I'm using multipage vue. I have nl and tr language and I have an index page for who enter except Turkey and Netherlands countries. My pages like this; Index(for ...
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How to correctly set up multi-language websites in NextJs for SEO? (avoid duplicate content)

I will have 5 websites, so 5 different domains .lt .com .lv .et .ru Each of them will be translated in all the other languages using subfolders system offered by Next. - - -...
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Google indexes partially translated pages in preference to original ones

We have a website translated in 6 different languages. Our client translates the pages itself. There are 2 different kinds of contents translated: static ones (like buttons and messages) dynamic ...
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Setting up hreflang correctly on a huge international website

I'm doing SEO on my company's site. It's very big, with tens of thousands of pages, in 30+ languages. We have hreflang & canonicals set up, and the structure is quite straightforward where each ...
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