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Questions tagged [load-testing]

Load testing is type of performance testing conducted to evaluate the behavior of a component or system with increasing load, e.g. numbers of parallel users and/or numbers of transactions, to determine what load can be handled by the component or system.

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Will DDoS testing one’s own site negatively impact networks between me and my site?

I’ve been planning to DDoS test my own site to see the capacity of my site, but gave up at last cause I saw this word of advice: DDOS attack does not magically reach to the target. It will violate ...
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Azure performance testing: Link VSTS account

I need to load test a website on Azure. I created my load test and then it tells me I need a Team Services account to run my test. So I click on create account and it asks me about a Name, a ...
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Long pause before loading my product thumbnails

I have a Wordpress website using WooCommerce, but my shop pages are really slow because it takes a very long time before my product thumbnails start to load. The page loads fine up till the moment ...
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I load tested my website by auto-refreshing it in multiple tabs, will Google see those all as bounces that hurt my SEO?

I wanted to load test my server and I thought of adding chrome auto refresh, set it to 10-15sec then open 30 tabs of my website. Wanted to know how many simultaneous site loads my server can handle. ...
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How to display random demo Google ads for testing

To benchmark an application I want to display ads in Google Publisher Tag (GPT) slots, even if they aren't defined on the publisher end yet. I have a network id and ad unit ids, but no ads are ...
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How to compute page load time using JMeter

Could any one please tell me how to compute page load time using JMeter.? I have used the "View results in a table" listener but it displays only connect time.
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2 answers

How to understand results of server load reports

I have performed a load test on on my website but don't understand if the result are good or bad. Here is the server spec: Server Linux/Ubuntu hardware (AMI on Amazon AWS) *-cpu:0 product: Intel(...
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Announcing new website with a countdown: What load peak I have to deal with?

My corporate website is going to change: the new one is ready on a different server. I have to put a countdown of 24 hours on the current site home page, at "hour 0" I will switch to the new website (...
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Website Performance Testing Tools [closed]

I have a contract before me that says our client will use "the following metrics will be used to determine performance standards" of the MVC4 based web site we want to deploy for them. I am looking ...
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HTTP over HTTPS speed

I did some a lot of reading around HTTP and HTTPS and suggested that my client implement HTTPS only. Site is on Alpha testing and URL is IP restricted, but on load testing we see that HTTPS takes ...
2 votes
1 answer

What is an acceptable level of FPS in browser workslow editor?

I'm developing a diagraming tool and need some metrics to test it against. Unfortunately I couldn't find information regarding an average acceptable FPS level for this kind of web apps. We all know ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why requests/Sec is very low in jmeter benchmarking while website serves so many users?

I've created a Thread Group to test my server load. In the following picture you can see that throughput is about 27 per min. The site is a high traffic website. Is jmeter precise on showing this data?...
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JMeter: how to asign a single distinct value from CSV Data Set Config to each thread in thread group?

I have to make a load test for a relatively large number of users so I cant really use User Parameters pre-processor to parametrize each thread with custom user data. I've read that I should use CSV ...
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how to cope with a 10 000 person accessing server in one hour?

I have a share hosting, and I charge 150$/years to host company website. Those websites have a maximum of 2000 person per month accessing the site, mostly WordPress site. So everything is fine until a ...
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Do I need the exact same hardware and software to stress-test my site's capabilities?

Our site would need 2 boxes on the data center. But we don't have the spare money to buy the boxes so we plan to rent dedicated servers. But for the load testing box I have now, it's only one and it'...
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2 answers

network connection goes down when trying to generate a load of 10,000 concurrent user connections

Actually I am facing an issue that my internet connectivity goes down whenever I am trying to generate such load on the application server from my client machine using the load testing tool "OpenSTA". ...
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stress test video streaming

is there a way to stress test video streaming? Basically simulating a high number of people simultaneously streaming a video? This is an amazon 'cloud' service that will be enabled for my site.
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How to make sure that my web application would be stable? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you load test your application? Hi, I have finished 95% of my web application. Now, I would like to make sure that the website is stable even with 5000 or more ...
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How to test high load on a website? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you load test your application? Hi, I am nearing a point of finalizing a website and it will soon be released. We have bought some traffic and advertisement packages ...
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How to replay traffic to web server from logs to profile / benchmark web app under real load?

Is there a way to get recorder real network traffic to web server, e.g. from web server logs (Apache), and replay this traffic to either profile web application (in Perl) under real load, or benchmark ...
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Cheap server stress testing [closed]

The IT department of the nonprofit organization I work for recently got a new virtual server running CentOS (with Apache and PHP 5), which is supposed to host our website. During the process of ...
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6 answers

How do you load test your application?

What is the most effective way to load to load test your app? The main point is to determine how many users you could support at a single time with the application still running at a reasonable speed.
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