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Linux is a Free (libre), Open Source, Unix-like operating system.

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When creating a website, what permissions and directory structure?

I'm posing this question because I still haven't found a uniform method that I'm particularly fond of. Ideally, this combination of directory structure and permissions should suit any web server (don'...
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How to set up a mail server on Linux only for sending admin/debug emails?

I need to send server reports to myself from my remote servers, and I don't mind them going to spam, so I don't need SPF, DKIM, etc. I tried using mailutils to send something like this: uptime | mail ...
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Get the number of concurrent users in Apache?

We want to know how many concurrent users the apache is serving at one time? Can I do it by installing some statistics tools? I tried webalizer but it only shows hourly hits, not the number of users. ...
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Control Panel to host java based sites [closed]

i am new to web hosting and want to know something about it. I have 2 dedicated servers with full control over them 1 with Linux (CentOS5.5) other with Windows 2008 server Please suggest me some FREE ...
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How many SSL certificates are required?

I have the following domains, all inside one single VPS (one IP address): If I need https for the ...
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Need new secure host [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to find web hosting that meets my requirements? My website is being attacked too much lately and my provider is unresponsive. Logs show dozens of attempts to run mysql ...
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