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Linode is the name of a company that provides cloud based web hosting.

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Is it safe to use 777 for my public html folder?

Running a Linode and I want to install Nextcloud, but it needs permissions to write to the directory (/var/www/html). Doing a chmod 777 will clear things up but I wonder if it's safe to use that open ...
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Non subdomain is "not private" but subdomain is

I am trying to setup a website for my app domain using an Ubuntu/Apache server hosted on Linode and Cloudflare. The setup works for but not for just without the www. My ...
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Server timeout from outside, network unreachable from inside

I have a Linode instance (Debian 7.4) running Apache server (2.2.22) that I mostly use for just storing files that I can then easily link to from elsewhere. I've additionally purchased a domain from ...
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How do I run blog subdomain with ghost blog and linode?

I want a prepare a blog using ghost in a subdomain of my website. I made a A/AAAA record in linode settings: A/AAAA Records Hostname IP Address TTL Options Default Edit | Remove ...
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How can I alias a subdomain to an external site using DNS?

I have a site hosted on Linode. I use Linode's DNS (with Apache) for things like mail, subdomains, etc. I want to use for my main page, hosted at ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Point DNS to VPS IP address on Namecheap

I own a domain through Namecheap and a VPS with Linode. I would like to point my domain at the vps ipaddress. So far I have added the following: TYPE HOST VALUE TTL A ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can I get bill-shocked by Linode?

I am looking at going with Linode for my cloud hosting needs. I want to start off cheap with their $10 plan. Looking at the 'fine print' I got alarmed by this: If you exceed your monthly bandwidth ...
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1 answer

How to make domain point to different server without downtime? [duplicate]

I have a domain name on, which points to their shared hosted server right now. I want this to point to my Linode server. How do I make the domain point to my Linode server without having ...
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1 answer

Linode DNS config - multi-domain shared IP (without aliases)

How do I ensure a request for one of my two domains pointing at my linode doesn't become the other domain in the user's browser? I think this is a DNS problem, so I'll explain... I have a linode and 2 ...
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1 answer

Linode subdomains: point to

How do I set this type of subdomain in linode? to is via namecheap and is pointed at my linode.
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How should I add further servers to support potential increases in traffic to my website? [closed]

New here but I post on StackOverflow pretty often. The scenario: I am a paying customer of linode. On that account I have one 2GB server which hosts a web application. This single server currently ...
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1 vote
0 answers

What are my options for a hosted vps service with shell access? [duplicate]

Disclaimer (some folks marked this question as a duplicate): I DO NOT want suggestions for things like a hosted wordpress providers, nor am I asking what web hosting is. This question is not a ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How steep is the learning curve when moving from shared (cPanel) webhosting to a VPS (e.g. Linode)?

In all shared hosting environments, one can be agnostic to the running OS. What happens in the case of Linode? I know it allows pretty flexible Linux installations, but for starters, besides choosing ...
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Heroku dyno vs vps performance [closed]

I'm trying to get a sense of how a Heroku web dyno compares to a standard vps. For example, how many web dynos would be equivalent to a Linode 512? or a Linode 1024?
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Publishing a web application with Linode

I just purchased and set up a Linode VPS. Normally I purchase a new domain name and set it up with my hosting but on Linode didn't ask for that. What I have to do to publish my web application to ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Should I move to Linode?

I am looking for insight, because I have the tendency to run full throttle into things with (at times) too much confidence. To summarize my somewhat lengthy explanation below, I am looking to see if ...
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