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Is it OK for SEO to use a number for the URL path rather than a slug of ugly percent encode international characters that don't redirect properly?

I’m using WordPress with RTL|UTF8|Persian content. When I use the permalink structure, I have two problems: When I change the post URLs, it creates redirect problems. (I don't ...
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Does a `rel=canonical` Tag send any relevancy signals to the duplicate content's Category Page?

Below is a variation to my other question about rel=canonical. I am working on an eCommerce site, which sells Canvas Prints. Each Canvas Print is available in a variety of ways. As such, every ...
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Do I need to redirect old style URLs for SEO when both work?

I have old URL structure pages indexed in Google that are ranked well against the keywords. Now I have cleaned the URL structures and the new URLs have more potential to get ranked higher. Both pages ...
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WordPress permalinks with the category and the postname throw a "Page Cannot Be Found" error

Background: I have developed and managed many WordPress sites over the years. Only one of these sites has this problem, but, based on comments on the forum, others are having the same ...
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