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Problem in Greenstone Digital Library Software search output

I hope this is right community to post this question. So In full text search the Greenstone Digital Library Software correctly retrieve the newspapers containing the searched term both in HTML and ...
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Google jQuery hosted library - is it any good?

Is there any REAL touchable benefit of using the Google jQuery hosted library? Or shall we just download it to our server? What are your opinions on this?
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Rendering citations and references in HTML using PHP/Perl/Python/

Is there a PHP/Perl/Python/... library for picking citations out of an HTML file and rendering a nice list of references at the bottom, like in Wikipedia? I'm developing a website with heavily-...
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Image libraries sites to download pro images with no credits expiration policy [closed]

I found professional image libraries sites like or are quite useful to add some cool images to a website either when filling its contents or when ...
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Advice on web app to make pdf (documents) library

I want to create an online pdf library. Is there any free solution exist, CMS or something? It should allow to upload pdfs, search documents and download them Thank you!
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php image upload library [closed]

I'm looking to NOT reinvent the wheel with an image upload system in php. Is there a good standalone library that allows for: Creating the system for uploading, renaming, and perhaps resizing ...
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Good php+mysql system for managing library of books (book catalogue/database software)

Anyone know a good web based system to manage libraries (of books)? It's like a book catalogue/database software, but with web interface, because I want people to be able do searches / queries in the ...
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What are common Media Library tools used for Kentico/Generic PHP sites?

Through a course of mergers and acquisitions the particular group of companies who I work for have built up a vast array of websites running either Kentico (or ASP websites that will be using Kentico) ...
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prototype.js or jQuery for new projects?

Should I use prototype.js or jQuery for a new project? Rails comes with prototype.js but jQuery seems the library of choice for the rest of the world. Is prototype.js still under active development? ...
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