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Questions related to the law and how it relates to websites and their management.

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Company / Product Info Directory Website - Copyright Laws

I want to create a large business directory website , which would allow a user (buyer) to search, filter and identify suitable products. I would require company logos and use of product names (TM,...
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Am I responsible for a site's lack of ADA compliancy if I open their site up in an iframe on my site?

To be more specific, Let's say I'm the band Coldplay. We have a buy tickets link. When clicked, Ticketmaster's page opens up in an iframe. For this example, Ticketmaster is not ADA compliant and ...
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Is it possible to apply a Creative Commons license to a multi-user web forum?

My website will contain various posts, which may be posted by me or another user. Basically, it will be a sharing forum platform. My website contains different posts, and each post may contain ...
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Do we need to specifically support old browsers to be WCAG compliant or is following the robust principle enough?

I understand WCAG is technology agnostic, so it doesn't specify which browsers, devices, and operating systems that a website needs to be accessible on. However, our site isn't responsive on certain ...
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Are there legal reasons why dynamic DNS services are not anonymous?

I'm looking for a dynamic DNS service that is both free and anonymous, but I've been unable to find one that is anonymous. All the services I've found that are free require a user sign up and ...
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Legal risks when using royalty-free content?

Are there any actual legal risks at all when using royalty-free content in your monetized videos, from a well known site intended for that exact purpose? Can an author/owner of the content you ...
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So, how does it work with copyrighted images from unknown sources?

A website looks better with fitting pictures. While designing my website I am using Google images to search for the right pictures (next time I will probably use a website that stores free images). ...
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Product images and descriptions on web store – copyright issues (Ireland/EU law)

I’m looking to sell some products online into a foreign market (which likes this Irish product). So I need to put images and production descriptions on my site. I’m not buying directly from the ...
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