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Trying to learn JSON after a little CSS and HTML

I'm learning to place media queries into a website for getting the correct layout changes I need on different mobile devices. I've done this in CSS and Bootstrap before, but my job is asking me to do ...
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How to store and play interactive HTML5 content? [closed]

I am really having a hard time finding much information on interactive HTML5 services or best practices. We currently have tons of HTML5 interactive elearnings produced in Captivate, Articulate, ...
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Modern design for developers: getting started [closed]

I've been working with web development since 2009 when I've learned HTML, CSS and PHP. By the time, I've also learned about the web standards and started working with them. Then some years ago I've ...
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Is recommended in addition to [closed]

Does Codeschool's ability to perform activity / test / game / training as their approach, offer something that achieve studying faster and more effectively than's exercise file / video ...
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What can be done through XFrames, as compared to IFrame in html?

What can be done through XFrames, as compared to iframe in html? Is there any new feature other than making it easier to bookmark in XFrame as compared to IFrame?
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VPS vs Dedicated JVM Java Hosting [closed]

I have noticed that a hosting site has given 2 options VPS vs Dedicated JVM Java Hosting. will i be able to achieve same result using both options eventually or is one more limited ?
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What documentation exists for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

PHP users have the docs Ruby users have Python users have jQuery users have All are considered go-to references when working within those ...
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How to best understand website design for those with a background in graphic design?

What are the best resources (i.e. tutorials, video keynotes, blog posts, etc) that best assist graphic designers understand the paradigm of website design? As a web designer, I'm really interested in ...
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What are the best resources for a graphic designer looking to get into web design?

A friend of mine is a very competent graphic designer who wants to expand their skills and get into web design (just the visual design, no coding). While some skills certainly transfer over, web ...
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Better to learn with LAMP/Django or more basic building blocks? [closed]

I'm looking to pick up basic web development by working through Programming Python's internet scripting chapters (especially the server-side scripting). Question: when I'm attempting to learn the ...
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Is a CMS recommended for beginning a personal website with only a few pages?

I want to build my own personal website. Nothing very fancy, about 5-6 pages with a blog, about page,a page for my pictures and a few more pages of content mostly about what I am interested in ( ...
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TV Shows for Web Master and Design Firms [closed]

Are there existing TV Shows we're they talk about the Web Industry? (Web Mastering, Web Designing, Web Developing, Interviews and Tips and Tricks). TV shows can be interesting for us, It can be a ...
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What are some good feeds/blogs/twitter accounts to follow if I want to learn more about web development?

Who are some of the big names out there (besides Jeff Atwood/@codinghorror, of course) that I should be following as a resource if I want to stay on top of what's new as well commentary on what exists?...
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What are some great resources or books for learning about running a website?

You've just inherited the webmaster position but know little about the day-to-day operation of a website. What books or online resources should you look at to learn more about being a webmaster?
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