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Lazy Loading Images and Source Code

I have a question in regards to lazy-loading. To improve our site speed, we would like to convert all the images on our website to be lazily loaded. My question is since the images that are lazily ...
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max-width and data-srcset: Chrome is loading the wider version on mobile

I've been trying to use responsive+lazyload images on my website, and I created the following piece of code: <center><picture> <source type="image/webp" media="(max-width:...
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Prevent images from loading in display:none container until the container is shown

As a newbie to website development, I'm struggling to optimise my website to get it to load content only when needed. Aim: to stop the tab that has all the photo content from loading until the user ...
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Are anchor tags an option to index lazy loaded images?

I am using a gallery that has lazy loading implemented. Only the thumb images are indexed by Google, the large images are not. Functionality, for context: Many thumbs are displayed, when a thumb is ...
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Does google index lazy-loaded images?

I am using React and the library react-lazy-load-image-component I do show LazyImages on top of the page but I notice that google is not indexing most of those images. They do index them sometime, but ...
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Angular 4 Lazy Loading SEO-behavior

I have an application developed in Angular 4, which previously had the information of the keywords in the main module of the application (Before implementing the lazy loading), which appeared on the ...
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