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Does cloud hosting improve low latency on a a small global website?

I currently have a website that is used globally around the world with around 7000 users. I do host my website on a VPS on - now for users outside Germany, like people in Brazil ...
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Effect of a CDN on latency of an overseas web server

I'm trying to understand the effect a CDN can have on latency. I tried pinging three different web servers, two of which are based in France. Here are the results I got at the time of the test: ...
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Using shortened URLs instead of direct links on media hosting - will this affect site performance?

I'm working on a site project right now and I have a ton of image assets that are hosted on firebase storage - which is effectively a CDN hosting media on SSD's globally. When referencing the media on ...
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Is the time PHP takes to render a page and serve it to the client ever a problem?

PHP is a ubiquitous language that among other things allows a server to render a webpage on request and serve the resulting HTML to the client. For example, the served page might be different for ...
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Slow response on GitHub Pages with NameCheap [duplicate]

I have two domains registered with NameCheap and I'm pointing them to GitHub Pages. I noticed that when I use GitHub link (eg. the connection is reasonably fast, but ...
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Data center locations for hosting an international website

My web site is currently hosted in the US in NYC and SFO data center locations. I'm not too familiar with DNS, but both IP's point to my domain and the visitor's computer probably would pick the DNS ...
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Determining cause of random latency and loading issues

I'm not sure exactly what details to post in regards to my issue, because I'm not sure what is relevant. Prior to the end of September my websites all loaded quickly, in almost all cases. Loading ...
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301 redirect latency

I want my website to work either way for both and, so I setup an A record for the root domain and then created a CNAME record which points to the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What are reasons of latency for a HTTP request to load HTML?

I would like to know what are reasons of latency for a HTTP request to load HTML part of a webpage. I think about: loading webpage with proxy not having a good web server (apache vs nginx) having a ...
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