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Last modified / recently published

I have a betting tips website so the content relevance period is very short. I and competitors publish content usually within 16-28 hours before the event. So, my website is usually ranked top 2 for ...
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Updating the "WordPress published date"?

My site is the number 1 result in a search for "board game conventions" (see screenshot below). The only thing that concerns me is that the date shows as 2017, even though I update this ...
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Optimize lastmod fields in sitemap index files for a large website that are expensive to compute

I am trying to create sitemaps for a very large multilingual website; means that every single URL is duplicated with as many languages there are; however the more pressing issue is that content is ...
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How should the fields be ordered in a sitemap when including hreflang?

I have a website with multiple languages and version for different countries. However it is all using the same domain and segregated by locale query parameter. Examples as below: is the ...
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When should I update lastmod value in the sitemap?

I have a website like Stackoverflow. I'm creating a sitemap for it. I want to know, what timestamp should be as the value of last-modified for a page? (a question and all its answers) All I'm trying ...
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Chrome isn't loading static content due to HTTP2_SESSION_RECV_INVALID_HEADER - Invalid character in header name - last-modified

HTTP2_SESSION_RECV_INVALID_HEADER --> error = "Invalid character in header name." --> header_name = "last-modified:" --> header_value = "Thursday,%2009-Aug-2018%2001:21:53%20GMT" This error ...
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