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Most common image format on the World Wide Web.

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Do smaller file sizes for webp really make it better than jpeg when rendering speed suffers?

Google claims that their WebP format is 25 to 34% lower than the equivalent JPEG quality. But in practice, using it significantly reduces the page rendering speed. Does it makes sense to sacrifice ...
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Would changing the image extension have any effect on current image indexing and ranking?

I am thinking about changing my images from PNG to JPG but I am worried as it will technically change the image URL. Old: New: So, will it also ...
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Why are jpegs used for unsuitable images in many html emails [closed]

I produce html emails on a regular basis in my work. Recently I've been baffled by the number of promotional emails I receive which use jpeg for images which would be far better served by a png or ...
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How to compress jpeg images for Google Page Speed Insights? [duplicate]

I hope this question fits here. I would have asked on Stackoverflow, but there is a similar question there that was closed with the suggestion to ask at Server Fault, and Server Fault closed my ...
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jpeg image colours look different in FF, Chrome + Safari [closed]

We seem to be experiencing issues with some of our jpeg product images displaying colours differently across different browsers. (When wrong, they look as if their hues have been shifted and vibrancy ...
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Is pagespeed insights over the top with downloads?

On my website I have a page that displays an image in optimized form. I made it display at 60% compression/quality instead of 100%. I also have the link to download the full 100% quality image to ...
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Is Azure compatible with JPEG XR?

I just put an F#/MVC app into a Windows Azure solution as a Web Role. Before migration, my JPEG XR (*.WDP\) files were getting displayed on the client in IE9 without issue via my local and hosted ...
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4 answers

Use JPEG for transparency instead of PNGs

JPEGs are smaller in size then PNGs. So. I thought that if I can make the "background" in a jpegfile transparent with some code maybe I save some kilobytes. So does anyone now for example how to make ...
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Progressive JPEG

This Post: "Progressive" JPEG: Why do many web sites avoid rendering JPEGs that way? Pros, cons? stat that many browsers do not support Progressive JPEG citing this Wikipedia Article. What ...
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convert pdf to jpeg on linux?

Sometimes clients email me a poster which they received from a graphic designer in pdf format that they want added to the site. I have generally told them to ask the designer to export it in jpeg ...
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How do I know what image type to use?

I'm working on a website which will use images in several different applications, from action buttons to avatars to larger detail images. What factors should I take into consideration to decide ...
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"Progressive" JPEG: Why do many web sites avoid rendering JPEGs that way? Pros, cons?

When JPEG images are used by a web page, they are typically rendered top-down ... but they can also be rendered using a mode called progressive JPEG, where the image starts out full-size, but blurry, ...
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