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Touch-screen based tablet designed and released by Apple Inc., and a key device to support and test responsive designs on. iPads come in various sizes ranging from the 8 inch iPad mini to the 12 inch iPad Pro.

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How to convert from SWF to HTML5 and transfer to IPAD? [duplicate]

I made an Interactive animation by using Flash. But my clients wants an HTML version. And all they need is to play it in IPAD. My question is, Does anybody know how convert from SWF to HTML5 and ...
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Why would certain metrics drop in half while others double? (iPad only)

I'm a developer on a website. Normally I don't work with analytics much, but we rolled a recent update that's causing a strange traffic situation and I've been tasked to investigate these Google ...
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Is there any way to simulate a slow connection between my server and an iPad (without installing anything on the server)?

Some of our webapp users have difficulty on slower connections. I"m trying to get a better idea of what that "speed barrier is" so I'd like to be able to test a variety of connection speeds. I've ...
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Is there a non-Safari Apple Web browser for the Ipad / iPhone / iPod?

I know Safari is the default Web browser on the current iPad / iPhone / iPod. But was there a non-Safari official Apple made Web browser for these platforms in the past? If so what are they and when ...
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Which browser contains "" in the agent string?

I noticed the following agent user strings hitting my website and wondered which browser is this user string for? Mozilla/5.0 (iPad2; iPad; U; CPU OS 5_1_1 like Mac OS X; en_GB)
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how to check that Google Analytics Tracking Code is firing on an iPad

I am used to using the Firebug extension "Omnibug" with Firefox to check that Google Analytics Tracking Code is firing on my website. This application works very well and has minimal overhead. I am ...
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iOS Touch Icon through XLSX file?

I'm setting up some iPads, and pointing Safari to and it's displaying the document fine. That part is OK. I'm just wondering if there is a way to add a iOS Icon to ...
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How is the scrolling in mobile browsers (touch) different from desktop browsers?

I know scrolling works differently on mobile devices since they don't fire the scroll event right away. What else is different? Where can I learn more about it? I want to know if it has any other ...
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How do I make my website retina display friendly?

Recently the retina MacBook Pro was released at WWDC 2012. It has a resolution of 2880 by 1800. This makes websites look really bad if they haven't been optimized for the new high-res display, as ...
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Javascript autotab function not working on iPad or iPhone [closed]

I have this this piece of html code: <form name="postcode" method="post" onsubmit="return OnSubmitForm();"> <input class="postcode" maxlength="1" size="1" name="c" onKeyup="autotab(this, ...
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iPad and iPhone browser rotating images on site?

I am experiencing an odd occurance on a site I'm building right now where images are displayed 90 degrees different from how they are supposed to, but while maintaining the normal dimensions of the ...
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Recommended domain name for tablet version?

We are creating HTML5 web app for tablets ("tablet optimized" version of the web site). Mobile domain names have already standardized itself to or But how about ...
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Is there any reason for me not to use the "wav" format for html5 audio crossbrowser compatibility?

I'm targeting modern browsers (only those that support <audio>) and specifically the iPad. I've tested here and wav works on chromium, firefox 4.0 (both mac 10.6) and on the iPad. I have a ...
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Getting "cannot verify server identity" on iPhone and iPad for Go Daddy SSL

Whenever people navigate to a particular site of ours on an iPhone or iPad they are getting a "cannot verify server identity" message. Our certificate was issued by Go Daddy. I ran this checker as ...
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How can I get my site's existing flash videos to work on the iPad?

My website has a number of instructional videos that would be very helpful to be viewable on an iPad. The video player is SWF, and the video itself is FLV. Questions: Can I replace the flash player ...
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Designing for the IPad

I'd like for my website to be accessible (e.g., fully usable) through the IPad. What do I need to do?
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