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IE6, an abbreviation of (Windows) Internet Explorer 6. is a web browser released by Microsoft in August 2001. IE6 was shipped as the default browser for Windows XP.

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Host Tomcat web-app to work in IE11 with disabled compatibility mode

I have host a war file on Tomcat which created with WebLogic and ADF. I had to make little changes and now it working fine on Tomcat in all browsers except IE11. When I run web-app with enabled IE ...
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Is posting a small "upgrade your browser" message enough to get users off IE 7 so that they see ads?

For those of you who read an earlier post of mine, you'll understand that my site has AdSense ads and no ads load in IE 7. In fact, I tested another website that uses ads in the same browser and even ...
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Should you prompt users to update old browsers?

Is it good practice to prompt users to update their out-of-date browser (older than IE9)? I know that we should develop sites which work with older versions of browsers, but is the extra effort worth ...
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CSS framework that support Internet Explorer 6, 8 out of the box

I am developing a new web application that must support Internet Explorer 6 and 8 (it's a strict requirements). I planned to use a CSS framework (like Twitter Bootstrap). However, it did not support ...
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What does it mean when a User-Agent has another User-Agent inside it?

Basically, sometimes the user-agent will have its normal user-agent displayed, then at the end it will have the "User-Agent: " tag displayed, and right after it another user-agent is shown. Sometimes, ...
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Can Adwords be cancelled by Google because of improper IE6 site rendering

A client just got a notice from Google saying that their Adwords campaign has been put on hold because the site is: Improperly rendering or Under construction or Needs a special program to run Now ...
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Is there a plugin for FireFox to simulate IE 6 HTML rendering?

Is there a plugin for FireFox that will allow me to view a website as if I was looking at it in IE 6? I have a login portal on the site built with ASP, and users with IE6 cannot display it. I have ...
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False positives when testing IE6 in virtual machines

I'm a tester for a small organization that creates web applications supporting the full gamut of IE versions. One of my jobs is to ensure that the application works well in Microsoft Internet ...
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Has Microsoft stopped offering the free Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image for IE 6 testing?

For some time now, Microsoft has made available free, stripped-down, time-limited Virtual PC images for testing web apps in older versions of IE. The most recent version is here:
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How to get China to upgrade off IE6? [closed]

According to IE6 Countdown, IE6 usage is down to 11.4%, and they are watching for it to "drop to less than 1% worldwide, so more websites can choose to drop support". This sounds good in theory, but ...
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Who has IE6 users viewing their site?

I know the general advice is that its no longer necessary to support IE6, but I've also heard the best data is the analytics of actual users to your site. All of my sites are currently low traffic so ...
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2 answers

Should I try and get my users to upgrade from IE6?

I'm wondering if it's appropriate to try and get my user base to upgrade from IE6 to newer browsers? Right now we only have 5% of users coming from IE6 or less, we of course don't want to support IE6 ...
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web page performance testing in Internet Explorer

How can I get the web page load speed and data amount in Internet Explorer? I know about PageSpeed and Firebug for Firefox, is there an equivalent of those tools for IE?
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What new cross-browser features can we use if we drop support for IE6?

My company is dropping support of IE6 and I just realize that we can use a set of great features. Is there a list of CSS, Javascript features which we can use with IE6 RIP?
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How to enable CSS3 features in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8?

While IE9 looks very promising, IE6, IE7 and IE8 will probably haunt us for many years to come, slowing the spread of CSS3 on the web. A number of projects based on HTC and JS add some CSS3 support ...
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How do I use transparent PNGs in IE6?

How do I use transparent PNGs in IE6? I have a corporate app that must use IE6 and must use use PNGs, but the transparency all comes through as a pale white colour.
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42 votes
20 answers

Should I bother supporting IE6?

IE6 is deprecated and Microsoft is bent on killing it. However, I know that a lot of people still use it. Should I continue to support it anyway?