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anything on the Internet that causes undesired behavior and annoys the average user. For example, accessing a website that displays pop-ups on the screen in the same area a user was trying to read content moments after the user started to read and before the paragraph was fully read.

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What actions can I take against a registrar who falsely disabled my domain for abuse?

I've seen another post about this. Our domain was suspended by registry due to "potential abuse" Last week two domains I manage were disabled due to a "breach in the registration ...
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How to change where the abuse email's get sent? [closed]

I have a domain called which is registered with namecheap. is hosted on a VPS with the hosting company XYZ (make up company) with WHM and cPanel Nameservers are being dealt ...
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How can I handle an ISP's request for information that our CDN doesn't capture?

A hosting provider has responded to my detailed abuse complaint with a request for additional information that our CDN doesn't capture: Can you please provide us with exact source port number for ...
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A domain is 301ing all its URLs to my site - will it affect my sites SEO?

A random domain is 301ing all its URLs to my domain. When you request a URL to the domain in question via https, it responds by 301ing to my site (also https) with the original request URL intact. ...
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Preventing guests from seeing an Adsense pop-up before entering my site

Back in the day, guests could visit any website of their choosing through any search engine without advertisements stopping their way. It seems now that's not the case for users on specific devices ...
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