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High Number of City Pages and Internal Links - Potential SEO Impact?

I'm currently managing a website that offers a specific service across numerous cities in the country. To cater to this, I have created around 170 city pages, each focusing on a different city (e.g., ...
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Internal linked pages count in Google Search Console (GSC) does not add up

I have an e-commerce site which has approx. 2500 pages most of which are e-commerce products page. There are approx. 50 pages which are static pages and rest of the pages are dynamic and all the ...
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SEO - Semrush - 1 page needs more than 3 clicks to be reached for my home page?

I am using Semrush and I have this noticed: 1 page needs more than 3 clicks to be reached. I don't understand why this notice is for my home page ( I do not have a 'Home' link in ...
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How should url be when giving internal link [duplicate]

I saw in an article that when internal linking, it should be given from the home page. If I give an example... suggested url: /category/article normally existing: ...
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Should you use "rel=sponsored" on internal links?

Should you use rel=sponsored on internal links? Here is the scenario: a company accepts money from one of their partners to place a prominent link on their home page. That link goes to an internal ...
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Distinguish same page internal links traffic in Google Analytics

On my website, some pages have the same link to another page, in different places. For example, one is a button, another one is an anchor link. I'd like to understand which ones draw more traffic. I ...
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Does the power of internal links vary depending on the quantity of them on page?

Would it be possible for one to strengthen certain internal links by getting rid of the excess ones? I am aware of the old advice of some google employee which went by the lines of hundred being a ...
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