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Making two or more things work together.

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Google Analytics / AdSense Integration Issues

I'm asking this here as I have absolutely no response / joy on the so called AdSense help forum! I have both an AdSense and GA account but I'm finding it impossible to link them! In addition, none ...
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Analytics and AdSense Integration

I tried to link my Analytics and AdSense accounts. But there exist a problem. Analytics redirects me to AdSense account and AdSense is redirects me to Analytics. And this is unlimited loop. On this ...
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How to integrate premium responsive html template to umbraco? [closed]

How to integrate premium responsive html template to umbraco? I have been wondering, that whether there is any kind of set of standards OR Any additional code to integrate my premium html web ...
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Summary of usage policies for website integration of various social media networks? [closed]

To cut to the chase... I look at Twitter's usage policy and see limitations on what can and can't be done with their logo. I also see examples of websites that use icons that have been integrated ...
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Extension to add button "Report to Bugzilla"?

We have: internal MediaWiki installation for internal documents (we don't use it in completely wiki-like style—only maintainers should normally make changes) internal Bugzilla installation for ...
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Simple integration between 2 sites

Company A is a large corporation with a lot of internal systems, policies and resource issues. They have a significant problem with one of the sections of their site that is affecting their bottom ...
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What is easy to integrate statistics script?

I develop a website on that people can create their own subpages with some tools i provide. And i would like to add the ability for users to see statistics without setting them on their own (like with ...
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Paypal PDT and IPN , how does it work?

PDT Payment Data Transfer is getting the transaction data of the purchase that was made on paypal site and you want to fetch that on your own site and display to the user. Also you may want to store ...
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Planet feed aggregator for django

We are looking for a way to integrate a feed aggregator (like a planet, which takes a set of rss/atom feeds and posts the latest N feed items) into a Django site. Ideally, the planet should integrate ...
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Looking for a simple forum script [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Forum Software should I use? I have a working website and I need to integrate a forum into it. The problem is, I need the forum script to use usernames and passwords from ...
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Personal Domain Email Integration

i have a domain with which i got my email... the company from which i got hosting from says the my email has following feature Email (pop3) IMAP Compatible WebMail Email Aliases (...
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Are there any useful tools to mirror a mailman mailing list as a forum? [closed]

We have a mailman mailing list however as we all know this is not very user friendly in terms of searching the archives. I am looking at a way to enable the continued functionality of mailman while ...
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