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What to do about original content that got copied and translated into another language on multiple domains?

A couple of weeks ago I published a long and well-researched article on my blog, which got quiet a lot of attention on the web. After doing a backlink-analysis of my domain a couple of days ago, it ...
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What are the good reasons proving that someone is not infringing trademark? [duplicate]

John has got a problem: There is a company with registered trademark: Example. The company sells shoes. It owns the domain So whenever someone wants to buy this company's shoes they go to ...
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Can I use AdSense with a domain that contains trademarks?

I just landed in the world of writing Blogs and doing the SEOs; I was looking to set up a nice blog having most target keywords and all other things. Luckily I was able to book a domain name having ...
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How to check whether a domain name is a trademark?

How to check whether the domain name you have chosen conflicts with other trademark existing domain names which you didn't know about. Also, when is it legal to choose similar domain names to other ...
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What is the proper way to send a DMCA to a hosting company?

Someone copied my entire website and is hosting it at a domain name similar to ours. That website's content is copyrighted to the website which we have been running for years. Each and every image, ...
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Is there anything I can do if I found someone copying my content and spreading on FB/Twitter?

I made a website and it somehow became very popular last year. Then later today I found someone just stole my content and spread it in Twitter and Facebook. And many users are sharing that fake ...
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Copyright infringement on an image from an article of mine

I just received a notification from my hosting provider which told me that a certain company sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") copyright infringement notice regarding an image found in ...
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Using a trademark as a subdomain?

Let's imagine a website that deals with cars: In order to categorize his website, the webmaster decides to create subdomains for the most famous brands: ...
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