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I own a domain name. Can people view my personal registered info?

Is my information protected? Or can someone tell where I live by my domain name? Why do hosting services offer a protected information service for extra money? How can I view that information?
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Fetching templates via API. Who provides this service?

I'm mainly a server side developer. I'm not a designer, even if I understand web layouts, grids, CSS, typography, valid markup, etc. and I'm able to do some graphic work too (almost). It just takes a ...
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Need database with some country specific data like schools, medical centers etc

Hi is there some database with official information about medical centers, schools, POI's and they'r geo coordinates for all countries in the world? It coul'd be not for free too, but I need the GEO ...
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How do search engines handle hyphenated words?

I am not sure my title fully explains what I mean. I thought this might be an interesting question. If I had a set of keywords, broken with a dash or 2, will search engines consider the dashed split ...
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