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SEO Infinite scroll recommendation: does query string parameter matter for seo ranking of the infinite scroll page?

The google "Infinite scroll search-friendly guideline" recommends to place <link rel="next" href="fun-items?page=3"> <link rel="prev" href="fun-items?page=1">tags in the head section of ...
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Should I disavow an article link that Googlebot thinks is a site wide link because of the way the site has implemented infinite scroll on all pages?

My site has a backlink in one article of a fairly high authority site (ranks well on Google). However, their site's design uses an infinite scroll system that is making Google think my single link is ...
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Google Analytics - Google Organic traffic with backslash

We have recently rolled out an infinite scroll feature in the site that could be generating this issue but we are not sure why/what is causing this. Every page visit and event is reported correctly, ...
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