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Adsense converts all impressions to ZERO every 10-15 minutes!

On January 6, I received a email from Adsense that my Identity verification was successful. But as of January 9 there was huge drop in my ad impression and as of then till now it just stuck to ZERO ...
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Do the numbers in Google Webmaster Tools factor in impressions and clicks from Google Places listings?

Do the numbers (impressions, position, rank, CTR, etc) in Google Webmaster Tools factor in impressions and clicks from the Google Places local listings?
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Search analytics from the Google Search Console shows weird peaks of impressions

My web site impressions on certain dates peaks as below. What could be the reason, I tried many things but I still cannot figure out. The web site is food related web site and the 9K impressions would ...
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Industry benchmark for converting visitors per month to impression

Is there any industry benchmark to convert visitors per month of a website that comes with Google Analytics report (or other such analytics software) to number of monthly impressions for basic ...
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Fluctuated Traffic in Search Console

I was checking Google Webmaster Tools and I noticed that the traffic and impressions for some pages in my site are very fluctuated from High to ZERO as shown in the screenshot below. Any idea what ...
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How search impression share is calculated in Google Adword?

As per Google Adword, Search Impression share is the impressions that you’ve received on the Search Network, divided by the estimated number of impressions that you were eligible to receive. I want ...
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Missing impression and click data in Google Webmaster Tools for phrases that are ranking

We are seeing some quite strange query data in Google WMT. Keywords which are getting impression and clicks one month disappear 2 months later (but doing a bit of rank checking proves our site still ...
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