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Google Sheets ignoring url links [migrated]

I don't know if this is the right place for this questions, but I'm stuck.. I'm trying to upload a product to google marketplace. It says I can do it with google sheets. two fields require a URL. ...
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Dynamic imports in Next js

I would like somebody to explain me dynamic imports in Next js. Using dynamic imports in my app lowers the First Load js by 50% and that's huge. My only concern is can I use dynamic imports on all ...
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Non-existent tablespace when importing MySQL from phpMyAdmin

I usually export a Drupal database from one instance of phpMyAdmin to another on a different server without any issues but lately I have been getting the error when I import: #3510 - Tablespace ...
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On what specific grounds were HTML Imports rejected, deprecated and removed?

TLDR: On what specific grounds did browser-makers reject, deprecate and remove HTML Imports? This is me (four hours ago): Apparently I have been living under a rock, because only today I have ...
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phpmyadmin Error on GoDaddy shared hosting - Script timeout passed, if you want to finish import, please resubmit the same file

I have a database named A. I want to export it, and import it to a new database B. I exported the A, no issues. While trying to import to the new database B, I faced the following error: Script ...
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Importing beneficiary records into DHIS2 tracker from Excel

I am working on a project where we have about 80K (80,000) beneficiary records in an Excel spreadsheet. Can I import this into DHIS2 tracker?
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Data import using CSV into DHIS 2

We have a lot of legacy data sitting on our Excel file that we need to import into our new DHIS2 database. How can we upload the data onto the DHIS using CSV? It is costing us a lot in terms of time ...
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How to enable users to export events into their external calendars from my web application?

I have written a calendar application that allows users to create events. I already expose the metadata as json-ld for the sake of webcrawlers but I would also like to make it easy for users to export ...
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Is there any good reason for two CSS files to @import each other?

I'm working on some critical style revisions for a client's WordPress site that was designed by another team. The CSS seems to be a tangled mess. One of the idiosyncrasies I've found is that the ...
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How do search engine crawlers deal with imported HTML using link rel import tags?

Consider the HTML5 tag named link. Is this relevant to web-crawlers? <head> <link rel="import" href="/path/to/imports/stuff.html"> </head> Say there are images in this linked ...
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User friendly import of events from web to Google Calendar?

I would like to create a web page promoting local events. I would like the users to be able to easily import the events to their calendars (Google Calendar particularly). Is there any option to ...
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400 Bad Request in Movable Type import

I have a Movable Type installation running the latest version of MT (currently Movable Type version 5.2.7 with: Community Pack 1.72, Professional Pack 1.53) and my client has provided us with a data ...
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Problem importing some features into PrestaShop from a CSV file [closed]

I am trying to import my CSV catalog to my shop. Each product has 3 features. For example: Type:New:0 Capacity:69ml.:1 PartNumber:X556D23:2 The import process finishes OK without errors.....
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Blogger post permalink lost when exporting/importing blog

Google's Blogger now allows the original publisher to specify a customized permalink for a post on a blog. Yet, when one exports and imports this blog, the posts must be republished, and the ...
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What is the feature that imports URL information into Facebook and Google+?

I want to be able to import a heading, short description, and an image into my website, just using a link. I am using Joomla but can switch to any CMS, or try to build an extension myself. The ...
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(How) Could I import twitter posts as annotations in Google Analytics?

A site I maintain tweets every time a blog post is published. Since the editors of the site have gone a bit mad with the ability to change the apparent date a blog post was published (back-dating as ...
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How can I install a module in Plone 4.0.5?

I have an existing website that is old and html. I'd like to import it into Plone, and make it "Future Proof" thanks to Plone. I found on the Plone website which modules could help me with it: ...
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best way to import 500MB csv file into mysql database?

I have a 500MB csv file that needs to be imported into my mysql database. I've written a PHP script where I can upload the csv file to and it analyses the fields and does the actual importing. but it ...
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Using @import in CSS files

OK, I get it, CSS files should be grouped to reduce HTTP requests. My question is whether the @import method does a good work? Also, can I somehow group print and screen stylesheets?
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