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Blurred images on Windows

My website shows beautiful figures for normal displays. However, as in Windows 10, when the scale and layout is set to 125% or higher, the images are blurred for the visitors. Is there something I can ...
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Should you use an image gallery/carousel?

So I made some time ago a website for a client, that produces balconies, stairs, roofings and so on. He obviously want to show his work in a gallery. After seeing and using a lot of websites, that don'...
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Why does GTmetrix give me the "serve images that are appropriately sized" error?

I've run a GTmetrix test on my website. I get one issue in its audit report at I check the image with Chrome DevTools, as below: Since the ...
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Why this image is so large despite small dimension [closed]

I have any image which is 760x400 in dimension but it about 7MB in size. it comes out clean on and even Image Meta doesnt show anything unusual other than lots of text info. Since i ...
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How do you determine a good set of breakpoints for srcset image sizes

My website right now is marginal for page loading speed on mobile. Originally written for desktop, I use a lot of images that are relatively high resolution, and only lightly compressed. I'd like ...
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What are the best image sizes for the Google Chrome mobile website audit?

What are the best image sizes for the Google Chrome mobile website audit? I'm making a WordPress website and want to get the best score possible. There will be an image with 100% width on the top ...
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Would google handle querystring parameters in a image filename as seperate images?

We have images which we would like to name like: product-category-id.png?width=500&height=100 Example: nike-air-span-2-premium-shoes-men-123456.png?width=500&height=400 Now the server will ...
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Is setting the width and height of an SVG important for indexing?

Generally, when SVGs are displayed responsively, we only need to set the viewBox attribute on the <svg> and can entirely omit the width and height attributes (i.e. something like <svg viewBox=...
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How do I increase the upload size in Wordpress?

My blog runs on the comicPress theme powered by Wordpress, on Altervista hosting service. I purchased the second level domain and therefore I aim customizing everything I need to. I normally upload ...
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Compressing images for desktop and mobile site or adjust size?

I was looking at and towards the end of the document, I learned something from the chart at the end. If I use a very high ...
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Is there a standard size for images with text and its thumbnails?

I have a main question and a secondary one. I'm creating images with text on them and I'm designing the website where the images will be shared on but I'm concerned about the size of the main image ...
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How to reduce the file size of user-uploaded images above a certain size?

I want to reduce the file sizes of user-uploaded images in a directory on my webserver (or on my local machine, and then upload back to my webserver). I want to aggressively optimize files above a ...
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Should I build links to my images?

I know a basic of image seo is that we optimize image tag with "alt" and "title", but I noticed that my specific page get on top with some keywords but my images doesn't. Why? How can I improve it? ...
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Images are blurry in one category and not the other [closed]

You can see what I mean if you check out the site: All the images in the Apple/iOS category are blurry but if you click over to page 5 you'll see the ...
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One image for different image sizes - physical size on website

We have a webshop that have different image sizes for demostrating a product. one for category page, and one for product page, and when people click on enlarge, it will show a large image. This means ...
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