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Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo SERPs display a unicode domain in punycode

A website that I work with ranks very well in all three. It happens to have a unicode domain. Both regular and image search results pages display the domain as punycode (the xn-- form) instead of ...
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Can I prevent social sharing on Facebook from showing punycode for my Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)?

I am currently configuring the different metatags for social sharing on a website that uses an IDN (Internationalized Domain Name). I came to the realization that the URL shown to the end-user on the ...
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Why does ᥐᥞᥨᥲ.com display as in FF/Chrome?

The example in the title is just one of the many examples of certain domains which should be allowable by IDNA2008 and (look ...
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Are Pinyin, Chinese, or Latin domain names most appealing to Chinese users? [closed]

I'm interested in obtaining a domain to catch the attention of Chinese people, but i have some doubts. What are the best domain names to catch the attention of Chinese speaking and reading people? A ...
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My site is indexed. Why does Search Console not reflect that?

There is only one page is indexed, and it is the homepage. Yet, it seems that my site is indexed successfully, tested by searching for random excerpts. There is google / organic entry in my Google ...
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2 answers

Punycode and similar characters

How does Punycode solve (or plan to solve) the issue with identical characters? In most browsers now Punycode is disabled unless you enable it in language preferences. This works great except many ...
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1 answer

Is using Arabic letters in a domain name OK for SEO?

I want to use Arabic letters in my site's domain name. Will that be good for search engine optimization? I will be targeting people searching in the Arabic language.
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2 votes
1 answer

Best practices for domain names with foreign characters

Suppose you're starting a new web site with the (completely made up name) of "El Niño." Some obvious options for your domain name would be: elniñ And typically, of course, you'd ...
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2 answers

For an international domain name with non-ASCII characters, what goes into the CSR's CN field?

Suppose I control the international domain name (IDN) mü ( Now, I want to get a SSL certificate for this domain name to enable HTTPS for my web site. I ...
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What are the disadvantages of having a domain name with special characters?

What are the disadvantages of owning a domain name that contain special characters? Some special characters are, for example: áéíóú, àèìòù, äëïöü, etc. These characters open the possibility of ...
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2 answers

How do I setup Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) to display correctly in the browser URL bar?

I just bought several Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) from GoDaddy. I have a VPN with hostgator and when I add an account with WHM and then I go to that site with a link that has the IDN, it ...
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2 answers

International Domain Names - Can I just register the punycode with any registrar?

I'm thinking of getting a non-ASCII Internationalized Domain Name (e.g. thé.com). However my current domain registrar doesn't do IDNs. Their web form reports an invalid domain name when I try to enter ...
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How do I write IDN domains?

How do I write a IDN domain name with IDN codes? E.g. mjö with IDN codes? (mjölk is milk in swedish) And is there any list of available IDN codes and letters? E.g. all possible for .com ?
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