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can anybody suggest me some domain name ending words like "fy", "gram" etc [closed]

I want to buy a domain for my blog. I have my first word which is related to my business but I am looking for some good ending words like somethingfy, somethinggram, etc...can anyone list or provide ...
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Creating advanced website by redirecting and replacing content from Google Sites

I would like to create a corporate website with members area. Importantly, I want many novice webadmins to be able to modify static content themselves. Therefore, I got the idea to create the site ...
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Making profit from a social network

This follows similar questions but I'd like to see if anything particular comes out of it due to the nature of site. In short, I've taken up the role of webmaster for a small social network site and ...
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Ideas for making money off a website

I'm considering acquiring a website that traffics close to 20k a month. It's currently unprofitable, but obviously I would need to change that to justify the cost. It's a support site for a framework ...
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How do I make sure the web developer I hire will not steal my idea?

So I have a great idea for a new website. However, not the time to develop it. I would like to hire a person or company to design it for me. What steps do I need to take, to protect my idea? ...
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