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Questions tagged [icann]

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What actions can I take against a registrar who falsely disabled my domain for abuse?

I've seen another post about this. Our domain was suspended by registry due to "potential abuse" Last week two domains I manage were disabled due to a "breach in the registration ...
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How does the management on ccTLDs work, who gives the authority to enforce rules over the domain extensions?

I'm from Azerbaijan, and our country code top-level domain - .az has certain rules such as min-length of the domain name having to be at least 3 characters long. I wonder who creates such rules, as ...
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Website down after doing a domain transfer

We have a domain which was hosted with a provider. We asked for a domain transfer, using the AUTH CODE, from our new provider. Now the situation is that the site is down, because the DNS do not point ...
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Is a single page website satisfies ICANN's UDRP 4 - Legitimate Interests in a domain?

ICANN's UDRP 4 states that You are required to submit to a mandatory administrative proceeding in the event that a third party (a "complainant") asserts to the applicable Provider, in ...
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