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Vulnerability in /boaform/admin/formLogin?

I am getting this HTTP request line on my server (simple http server). The normal action for this request on my server is to simply close the socket connection. I am asking this question because when ...
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What is the easiest/lightest setup to get a basic LAMP stack setup for development? [closed]

I'm looking for a minimum of fuss here to get up and running. Bonuses: - cross platform - portable (can be installed/run from a USB) Clarification: I'm not looking to setup a full-fledged remote ...
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What are the benefits of utilizing a Web Server vs opening an HTML file directly via your browser

I've just begun coding in Javascript. I'm looking for an in depth answer that explains the features that are available to me when using a web server to serve up my index.html file vs simply opening ...
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2 answers

How to configure apache to allow access to subdomain on my local ip address

I would like to have others inside my local network access resources on my computer at outsideprojects. I am running Apache and have a virtual host configured so I can access it at ...
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How do I modify the HTTP headers?

Google page speed rank demands me to set an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers, by changing the "Expires" and "Cache-Control: max-age". The site is hosted on a hosting company (not in ...
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Will using protocol relative links to other domains from an SSL site require that the external sites have their own SSL?

If I am configuring where I have an SSL cert with, but index.html has includes/images/etc loading from http://example.othersite/cat.png and http://example....
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What are options for hosting a personal site that let me me tinker with things?

I'd like to serve my personal site reliably. I prefer to write my own html, css, php, etc. and would like to tinker with things - to install my own software and run arbitrary linux commands. I won'...
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2 answers

Apache Per User Directory Not Found

For some reason the user directory I have for my server has stopped working whenever I go to http://server/~user/public_html/ I get a 404 error. The files are there on the ftp, but they're not showing ...
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categorize website based on visitors count

my site is having around 300 unique visits/5000 pageviews per day. i want to know how many unique visits/page views (approx.) a site should have to be called low , moderate and high traffic website. ...
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HTTP Server invalid request/connection throttling

I have a custom HTTP server. When F5 is held down in a browser the server gets slammed with requests. How can I detect and limit these (or any other) invalid connections? It seems that I would have ...
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2 answers

reduplicate request in apache logs

1. Symptom: I found lots of requests for the same resource on Apache logs, like this: /image/default/dHtmTreeImg/iconUnCheckAll.gif HTTP/1.1" 200 120 - - [29/Dec/2011:08:50:10 +0800] "...
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