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400 Bad Request - The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax.

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Cloudflare returns 200 when server returns 404

When I make a request to my site that is proxied through Cloudflare, if I am requesting a resource that doesn't exist (such as /foo), my server returns a 404 (I see my 404 page and testing without ...
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Apache2 hosted site gives 400 Bad Request when browsing to, but works perfectly on

So i've got a website hosted at and I want it to work with I've got a CNAME entry in my DNS for www pointing to My virtual host config looks like this: <...
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Error "Field name is required" - Google Analytics API

I'm trying to make API calls to the Google Analytics API v3. Simple read-only calls work just fine, but when trying to update data views (or any update method) I always end up with the following ...
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which status code should be returned for null parameter

having a website with many urls in js code (ajax calls), the google bot is calling these but without the necessary parameters atm 200 code is returned and the html for the error page, and this is ...
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Why would googlebot be trying to crawl a URL ""?

I've been trying to clean up crawl errors on my company's website. In one menu, google bot is trying to crawl every link with an extra-base URL attached. These pages (perhaps obviously) don't exist ...
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HTTP status 400 code pages are getting picked up by Google, appropriate solutions?

Recently we received a notice from Google Webmaster Tools stating "Googlebot found an extremely high number of URLs on your site:..." We noticed that several of the sample urls listed included urls ...
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Can an HTTP status 400 be a substitute for a 410?

As I shift many URL's on my site from non-friendly to friendly, I came across an old URL that was used for testing that google later ended up scanning but now I no longer use the URL. Its in the ...
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When to reply 400 Bad Request

According to, a Web server should reply with status code 400 Bad Request if: "The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. The client SHOULD NOT repeat ...
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