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Questions tagged [hsts]

HTTP Strict Transport Security is a security feature that lets a web site tell browsers that it should only be communicated with using HTTPS, instead of using HTTP.

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Deploy HSTS including subdomains if main domain is www (no preloading yet)

I want to deploy HSTS for * but we don't have web content on Instead, is our main site and we have hundreds of (partly unknown) subdomains, so we don't want to ...
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CloudFlare and Avast strict transport

This weekend, we started using CloudFlare*. One of our users is reporting that Avast, the anti-virus software, has blocked our site due to a certificate error. Presumably this is because our ...
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HSTS and redirecting to www. sub domain

I am trying to setup HSTS for my website but running into some problems regarding the response headers and the use of a sub domain. What I would like is for all HTTP traffic to redirect to https://www....
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How long does Chrome take for HSTS preload list inclusion?

Assuming that my domain meets the inclusion requirements, and I successfully submit it to, then: How long does it take on average until Chrome comes out with a new stable release with ...
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Does the SSL certificate has to be valid for the www subdomain

The .htaccess successfully diverts all variants to on the browsers. And I have appropriate CSP headers (that work on all other sites in different installations) installed in htaccess. I ...
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