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A Microsoft web application which manages emails.

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Connecting custom domain to

I use as my personal email account and have done since ~2006, but I now need a business email for the sake of professionalism: [email protected]. Is it possible for me to just register ...
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Determine whether an email host gets rejected by hotmail?

Our current shared hosting can't be used any longer to send email to hotmail/live accounts - presumably due to other users spamming, though none of the IP addresses are on blacklists and SenderBase ...
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Hotmail account is not receiving email from web server

I have a client with an ecommerce site. It's working fine but we realised that Hotmail accounts are not receiving emails from the site (eg: the receipt when someone orders a product). We tested by ...
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How to get whitelisted in microsoft's email network?

I have been trying for the last couple of weeks to get whitelisted in the Microsoft's email network. I can send emails from my site to gmail and yahoo with no problem. They are delivered to the right ...
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How to remove our IP address from Microsoft's email blacklist?

We have a website, users sign up and receive links to confirm they signed up BUT: Microsoft blocked our IP (no one with Microsoft email account can receive our emails.) We tried contacting microsoft ...
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Hotmail and IP in blacklist - how to solve now?

Our server's IP address is blacklisted by the provider of hotmail. We can't find any solutions. We followed up with all the instructions they gave us in the DEAMON email link, but it's not enough - ...
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Email not sending to/from all Microsoft domains after adding dedicated IP and SSL (Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo!)

I have never experienced this type of issue before, so I don't know where to begin searching to be able to troubleshoot or fix the problem. Also, I hope this is the correct SE website for this type of ...
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Hotmail — avoid sign up confirmation / lost password being marked as spam [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How could I prevent my mail from being recognized as spam? When sending legit large volume Emails from our IP (e.g. for sign up confirmation or Lost password) it gets marked ...
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Cannot send email to Google Apps alias from PHP

I'm using Wordpress and sending email via Gmail SMTP: server: port: 465 I created Google Apps main domain called and email [email protected]. Then I registered domain aliases ...
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Are there other "approval" services for other email providers, like SenderID for Hotmail?

This question comes from: How to avoid Hotmail/Live rejections for (legit) large volume eMailing? I never knew about this for Hotmail and I'm wondering if there are similar services for Google, Yahoo ...
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How to avoid Hotmail/Live rejections for (legit) large volume eMailing?

While qualifying eMail for Spam, Hotmail/Live checks the historical records of numbers of eMails sent by a sender (FROM, eMail Server, IP, etc.). Some times, perfectly valid bulk eMails that are not ...
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