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how to designing with "bootstrap grid system" in mind? [closed]

i'm designing for web since 2006. i waste a lot of time ignoring things like bootstrap... i understand how grids(and the specific bootstrap) work. But i have a "theorical" question about it: How to ...
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why is not grid layout enabled by default in google chrome? [closed]

Grid layout is supported by default in Internet Explorer 10 and we are already at 11, but in Google Chrome, which is the most popular browser, it is still an experimental feature. Since grid layout ...
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2 votes
4 answers

What are "rows" in a responsive grid system?

I'm looking at various grid systems to make a responsive design, but I keep coming across the same thing that puzzles me: What's a row in a design where everything can move based on the screen size? ...
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Responsive CSS grid having capability to change column order visually

Trying to find a responsive CSS grid with the capability to change column order visually. E.g., I have content before navigation, but visually it should be vise versa: left navigation, right content. ...
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Are there cases where max width of the design can be 960px for grid?

I know the standard width of content should be 940px if you want to use all its columns properly. But are there cases where I should use 960px for content? I am just having a dispute with my colleague ...
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2 answers

Most CSS Grid frameworks use pixel as css units, why?

I started to develop my own webdesign using an grid framework 960 CSS Framework and also noticed that most of other famous css grid frameworks use 940/960px as maximum page width? Some of them have an ...
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Cloud Providers vs Traditional Hosts

I'm rolling up my sleeves and trying to tackle the fundamental concepts of cloud computing for the first time. I am planning to build a highly-scalable web application, and can't ignore the potential ...
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3 answers

Why do all of the various design grids neglect horizontal spacing?

Whether its 960grid or Fluid or 9/12/16/20 column grid systems...they all factor in vertical spacing but never horizontal spacing. Granted we view sites top-to-bottom so we don't necessarily design ...
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2 answers

Math to create web design grids?

I have my own grid layout, and I am creating multiple column designs for a website. Is there any formula I can follow to create different column designs with identical gutter space, ie. margins? Most ...
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Google indexes my site as https as opposed to the correct http

Over the last month, the home page of my website hosted on Media Temple's grid server and has been appearing in google listings as an https website. I have never requested or needed the extra ...
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