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Sponsored top level domain (sTLD) derived from government.

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How to properly use information from NCBI gov

I would like to ask you, if and how can I quote and copy (or read and reproduce) the research and all the data that is publically avaialble at the website of The ...
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Can .gov (or similar official) websites be used for partisanship?

If I were asked to design and maintain a website for a governor seeking reelection highlighting how his or her administration was helping the state to get by in "Tough economic times", would ...
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3 answers

Is it proper (or legal) for the government to buy TLDs to monopolize a topic?

I came across a government site that had also registered the .com, .net, .org, etc of a specific topic. It seems like squatting and monopolizing a topic to me. Just seems wrong to me but I'm no lawyer....
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How to discredit hacked links pointing at my company's website

The competition of one of my company's websites has started a really dirty campaign of acquiring hack links. One of their ingenious tactics has been to seed in links to OUR site withing their hack bot,...
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