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Alternatives to Google Website Optimizer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are some good resources for doing A/B testing of a website? What (affordable) alternatives are there to Google Website Optimizer for A/B and multivariate tests? The pro'...
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How does Google's Website Optimizer do all its funky goodness with an unbalanced </noscript> tag?

Last week one of the guy's at our office did a talk on using Google's Website Optimizer for AB multivariate testing. In the talk, he says that when you set it up you just add some special code to the ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Google Analytics and Web Optimizer Code creating double site visits

My website currently has a Google Asynchronous tracking code at the top of every page and the home page has an A/B test running on it. This is causing GA to add 2 visits for every 1 to the home page. ...
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If you run a split test, how long do you let it run before you conclude it is inconclusive?

When running A/B tests with Google Website Optimizer, Google tells you when a variation has "won". However, sometimes, the test runs for a long time and still there is no winner. When should one ...
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Can I disable Google Web Light for my website?

Google Web Light is designed to re-format pages to optimize them for mobile browsers. When it does so with my site, it does a really awful job. Some part of my website are not working and it looks ...
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How to exclude myself from Google Website Optimizer results?

I have a website on which I run Google Website Optimizer (A/B tests) and Google Analytics. We have automated tests that check some web pages and I am worried that this might interfere with Google ...
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2 answers

Should I disallow robots on A/B test pages?

I'm going to be setting up an A/B test using Google's WebsiteOptimizer on my homepage, and I plan to name my two test variants index_a.php and index_b.php. Should I be putting in rules to my robots....
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Will multivariate (A/B) testing applied with 302 redirects to a subdomain affect my Google ranking?

I want to do an A B test of an entire site for a new design and UX with only slight changes in content (a big brand site that has good Google rankings for many generic keywords. My idea of ...
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2 answers

Weird Results A/B Test in Google Website Optimizer

I set up a test in Google Website Optimizer that has a 3 variations - original (A), B, and C. In order to further validate the results of the test, I added a variation C that is exactly the same as ...
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Is it possible to compare http requests with download time?

I'm asking this because of the following situation: Fonts from my system were taking 2-6s to load. To improve this, I made the system load the same font from google repository, and I remove the css ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Exactly what is Google's PageSpeed Service recommending and how to optimize CSS?

Looking at my webmaster tools, Google kindly recommended that I could further increase the performance of some of my sites and to look at the recommendations provided by their PageSpeed service. So I ...
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How can I exclude content in my notifications bar from being indexed?

Of course I want my content to be indexed pretty fast by search engines, however not my notifications bar. My notifications bar contains the last 30 changes to content on the site, and I don't want ...
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SEO images with 301 redirect

We all know that it is a best practice to use images like samsung-galaxy-s6.jpg instead of img01231.jpg. But, what if I'll use an image like that ...
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How do I integrate Google Website Optimizer into my Google Analytics account?

I did everything asked of me in the following link: But am still not seeing my Google Optimizer stats inside Google ...
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How to prevent Google Website Optimizer from making Google Analytics spike Direct Traffic and lower Bounce Rate?

I am using Google Website Optimizer (GWO) and Google Analytics. Whenever a person (Google Website Optimizer) does a javascript redirect, Google Analytics will change the referrer. When the referrer ...
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How to know if any website is using Google Website optimizer for A/B testing?

How to know if any website is using Google Website optimizer for A/B testing? By viewing a source code. For what to look into view source which confirms that site is using Google Website optimizer
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Punch Line Marketing [closed]

There are so many "punch line" websites like: but it's a mystery how they ever get so popular. I have an idea for a ...
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which URL is better for a search engine? [duplicate]

In 2 ways I can show The article URL in my website: My Breadcrumbs website for a content to both of ways is this: home>>computer>>hardware>>cpu>>this-is-an-article.html The First way: LINK of ...
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