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Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user after redirecting to HTTPS and Non-WWW via HTACCESS

I have redirected the www version and http version to non-www and https so the URL will be like using the following .htaccess code: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off ...
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Google forcing HTTP as canonical, despite rel tag linking to HTTPS and despite HSTS enforced for entire TLD

I have a small personal website with a .dev TLD, which has HSTS enforced across the entire TLD. So my site is entirely HTTPS with Let's Encrypt certs and all that fun stuff. This year I've been ...
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Duplicate without user-selected canonical with Google Sites and custom domain

Got an issue with my Google Site for which I have registered a custom domain name (and Google, through the Search console, recognizes me as the owner). The problem is that Google considers the ...
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Fixing duplicate without user-selected canonical in Blogger

I recently started blogging through blogger. On my Google Search Console account, I got the error "Duplicate without user-selected canonical" error. When I inspected the affected pages I ...
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How to modify google selected canonical URL when the URL is not valid anymore

I am the owner of two domains, and, A canonical URL : is selected by google for while the url does not exist anymore, how to make Google re-select ...
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Why is Google seeing a redirected URL as canonical?

My client's site 301 redirects to However, Google Search Console is saying that is the canonical version of the homepage. The homepage is performing terribly (...
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How to get duplicate geo-targetted sub-directories indexed when Google is ignoring the canonicals?

I have a main website which is mainly used for targeting one country. We recently started creating sub-directories for targeting other countries i.e,, etc., ...
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www missing in Google-selected canonical

There are many pages in my website which are reported as excluded in Google search console report. The reason mentioned is “Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical”. On inspect URL, I found ...
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