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Questions tagged [google-search-site-name]

A website's name as displayed in Google Search results pages. If Google chooses to show a Site Name, this name will replace the website's domain name in search results. A website's Site Name in search results can be affected through structured data, title and heading elements, and opengraph tags.

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1 answer

Google advertise my site as "For Sale" in search result's page titles [closed] First result for me is: "Privacy Policy - is for sale" While the page title is "Legacy2 - Privacy Policy" I have a clue that years ago this domain was ...
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Website is not showing up in google search results, even though it is indexed [duplicate]

My (NSFW) website is indexed by Google, I can see it in the Google Search Console, and according to that, everything is fine, I have good usability and no issues. I had pretty good results right after ...
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5 votes
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How do I change the title of my website in google results? [duplicate]

So I managed to index my website successfully, but I have this issue with the name of the search result snippet. I want it to show DuckMastersGames but instead it says I hope it’s ...
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7 votes
4 answers

How can I replace my site's domain name on search engines with its business name?

I'm building a site and I've noticed that when I search my site's name on Google, unlike other sites my website's URL is displayed instead of the business title. Can somebody please help me figure ...
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How to affect a domain's title in Google Search? [duplicate]

Recently, Google has been replacing many domains in SERPs with website titles, e.g. "Stack Exchange" instead of "". However many smaller sites, including my own, only show a URL and ...
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