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urlInspection - Google Search Console API - quota issue

I've been trying to get Indexation Status from API. The 1st request worked. The 2nd, returned: {'error': {'code': 429, 'message': '...
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Is there any way to link to a singular and specific google search result

I know how to link to a general google query results, but is there any way to link user to a singular specific google result? For example: google search for and show user only the top ...
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How to get a live-steam video into the carousel at the top of the Google search results?

I want whenever a live stream content is available on my website like a sports match then I want to Google to show a live stream preview in its result from the video tag. What I think is I need to ...
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Why do I get different numbers of results from individual dates and date ranges when I query the Google Search Console API?

I'm using the API explorer on the side of this page. When I query the API with this JSON { "startDate": "2017-07-01", "endDate": "2017-07-01", "startRow": 0, "rowLimit": 5000, "dimensions"...
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How to track the keyword position of my website without violating the google TOS

I own a website and I'd like to be able to have an history of how some page and keywords ranked in google over time, to be able to understand if certain changes I made have positive or negative effect....
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Not enough Results in Custom Search Engine (Google search API)

I have a really big problem: I'm using the Google Custom Search Engine CSE with the REST API to find some URL but a lot of search engine results are missing. I look on the internet about this fact ...
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Is it a bad idea to use Google Search on your website?

If you have a web application with lots of records, is it a bad idea to use Google Search on your website? Instead of writing a search function and dealing with performance issue, you 'outsource' the ...
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Google Site Search -- How to use as API?

I am trying to get an API that I can use to do searches on my own site. Google has something called Site Search and something called Custom Search. What is the difference? I make a new site search, ...
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Google Search API

Can someome tell me if there is an API to get search results form Google? I went through the Google Search APIs, but could not find anything that will let me get search results (the custom search api ...
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Google Search Parameter Question

I've been trying to determine different parameters used by Google in their search queries. In particular, the usg parameter is what is giving me troubles. Here is an example value given for it, ...
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