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Search management platform that helps agencies and marketers efficiently manage search marketing campaigns in the world, across multiple engines, and media channels.

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Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) pull landing / exit page specific data from API

We build a tool which links onsite visitor data and google Ads data. For the non-DSA ads we get specific information which we can link to the unique visitor. FOr some reason google Ads seem to only ...
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Find visitors source(google source) who completes lead generation form?

I'm tracking the lead generation form conversions using Google Analytics and using Google Ads to drive paid traffic to the website. I'm using Drupal 7 as CMS for the website. Most of the inorganic ...
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Google Ads - Billing transactions don't match campaign amount spent

I have a client who has spent $3,000.00 on Google Ads within the last 6 months. Or at least this is what the campaign is saying within google ads. We have hit the 3,000 dollar spend and have paused ...
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Google Ads - Is there a way to create a report which shows Search Queries by Location?

I have a campaign which has location targeting to the entire radius of my city. It has collected data from various areas within the city. Now my client wants to open a new location in a specific ...
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Google Tag Manager Floodlight configuration Standard and Unique returning same results

I have two tags set up in GTM for floodlight tags where one is set to standard counting method and the other is unique. I would expect the unique one to only fire every 24 hours as it says in the ...
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